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Welcome to our Restaurant

Rated and reviewed as a four star restaurant by the Courier News.
Serving only the finest top quality Sushi and Authentic Home-style Japanese Cuisine.

Japanese owner and Chef Masatomo Soma (“Momo”) brings over 10 years of experience working under many master chefs and learning the art and design of creating and serving the best sushi and homestyle dishes to his customers.

Our Special Menus

Taste the Experience

≈ Appetizer ≈
:something that stimulates a desire for more

If you are a first timer or even a regular and have never tried our signature appetizer, the sushi pizza, we highly suggest you try it on your next visit.  This is an original creation by Daimatsu’s own chefs, one of our favorites. More favorites are the shrimp tempura, donburies, sukiyaki and teriyaki dishes, as well as our many rolls, such as the Spicy Red Dragon Roll, Spring Salmon Roll, Pink Blossom Roll and Westfield Roll. All the menu dishes are made with their traditional ingredients for a home-style authentic taste. We also serve daily sushi and appetizer specials, which are recommended by the chef.

≈ Sashimi/Sushi ≈
:a Japanese dish of thinly sliced raw fish / cold rice dressed with vinegar and garnished especially with bits of raw seafood
≈ Entree ≈
:the main course of a meal

This Month's Specials

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